Sherry Stewart Deutschmann is rewriting the meaning of success in her new book Lunch With Lucy: Maximize Profits by Investing in Your People.

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Lunch With Lucy by Sherry Stewart Deutschmann

Mistakes I’ve Made In Business Part II: Not Every Customer Is A Good Customer– Like a lot of entrepreneurs, when I first opened my business, I literally took on any customer who could breathe and sign their name to my contract. Really, that was the criteria. And, to be totally transparent, it wasn’t just at the beginning…it continued for too many years, until I “grew a pair” and realized […]

Partner Up? Part I of Mistakes I’ve Made In Business– This is Part 1 of a series about the biggest mistakes I’ve made in business—and what you can learn from them.  OK, here’s the short version of my story I started a company in my basement – funded by a week-long yard sale and cashing in my 401K. Grew it to $40M…and sold it. Sounds […]

It can get lonely at the top of the org chart

Lonely at the Top?– For most of my life, when I heard the phrase “lonely at the top,” I thought of it as a sarcastic remark by someone AT the top, condescending to those they led, pointing out the fact that it was the few, the elite, that made it to the “top” – whatever that was. Later, as […]

The Status Quo Sux- Let’s NOT Get Back to Normal-  If you are reading my words, it is likely that you are a business owner or business leader in some capacity. That means that YOU can make a huge difference. I love what Margaret Mead had to say on this subject: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. […]

Leading in a “New Normal” World– The point of this writing is definitely not to suggest what our practices will be going forward, but how we as leaders should lead through this unchartered territory. No matter the situation, empathy and simple human kindness will be essential. As I’m writing this, it’s April 29, 2020 and our nation is in the grip […]

Empathy is Contagious

I have built my career around the conviction that empathy is the key to success. I started LetterLogic from scratch—with no experience—and grew it to a $40 million company that made the Inc. 5000 list for 10 straight years. I learned early on in my business that you will only go as far as your team will take you. The more I invested in my employees, the more we continued to grow and succeed exponentially. Building an employee-first culture was my ‘secret’ business strategy, and my mission is to help other entrepreneurs transform their leadership through empathy and take their organizations (and profitability) to new heights!